Digital Assets soar with Generative AI

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The Challenge

Problems with fakes, plagiarism, scams, and volatility brought the once roaring market for digital assets to a massive downturn starting in mid-2022. NFTs plunged in value – and even marquee brands such as the Bored Apes found few takers to sustain their stratospheric prices. In the throes of this boom-and-bust cycle, we were asked to consider if there might be mechanisms that were more objective in parsing out the drivers for value with digital assets. Imagine being able to click on say, a gaming character or a piece of virtual real estate asset and immediately being prompted with a fair range of prices that rather than by subjective “pumping” from canny promoters?

The Solution

In partnership with a leading virtual real estate marketplace, Veryverse developed a pricing mechanism that combined AI and human smarts and that were driven by parameters connected with its intrinsic, extrinsic, hedonistic, and sentiment content. This mechanism enabled the marketplace to leverage its private transaction data toward enhancing the pricing predictions of our AI-based algorithms – while still keeping its private data closed.

The Results

These solutions enabled our partner to offer transparent pricing-on-demand in an industry that had fallen into ill-repute. Not only did these innovations help accelerate their growth during a market downturn, they were so excited about the benefits that Veryverse offered that they are now working with us toward a generative AI powered chrome extension that allows creators to instantaneously gauge the impact of new generatively designed features on pricing

Improved student outcomes: By using Veryverse's custom AI solution to analyze student data and create personalized learning experiences, our client was able to improve student outcomes and engagement. This helped them attract and retain more students, giving them a competitive advantage.

Innovative curriculum development: By using AI to analyze trends in the job market and student interests, our client was able to develop an innovative curriculum that was in high demand and helped students acquire the skills they needed to succeed. This helped them stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market trends more quickly. and demand. This will be game-changing for the business as the next generation of generative digital assets takes hold.