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Your trust is paramount

We prioritize the security, privacy, and confidentiality of your data and IP above all else. Large Language Models (LLMs) have transformative potential but are insufficient for business apps. Their strength is that they know (almost) everything until they don’t. What it doesn’t know it makes up — affectionately known as hallucinations. We’ve developed proprietary tech to ensure your data and IP remains private, it’s never used to train other AI models, and cannot leak into the public domain.  

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We prioritize your peace of mind

Our AI expertise goes beyond technical. We have a deep appreciation of its ethical and social implications and consider ourselves ethical leaders in the industry ecosystem. We know the rapid growth of AI technology has people worried about the unknowns — fear of being replaced. Your peace of mind is our priority, and together, we will grow your business sustainably and responsibly.

Transparency is key to building trust. With Veryverse, you'll have complete visibility into all interactions with our virtual agents. This allows you to review and analyze the conversations, gain insights into user behavior, and fine-tune the AI systems to better align with your business goals.

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AI Solutions That Never Stagnate

Our systems utilize robust encryption methods to protect data both in storage and during transmission. We manage PII and PHI responsibly based on privacy protection regulations. Additionally, we offer the option to use private LLMs and other patented mechanisms to ensure that your queries and interactions remain confidential and are not submitted to public LLMs that may compromise sensitive information. We can also offer permission-based security that can help with rollout of gen AI in larger or networked organizations.